The “Play by Lights” floodlighting system concept
was introduced in 2009 by Kevin Ryan to provide a high class, functional and flexible floodlighting system for GAA, Rugby, Soccer playing pitches and also for all other sports which can benefit from floodlighting. It was our goal from the outset to provide a more affordable, high class floodlighting system. This was our primary objective and following considerable time, effort, research and development, we have produced the finished article, which is “Play by Lights”. We have introduced several different classes of floodlighting to illuminate the following:

  • Ball walls.
  • Training / practice areas in all sports codes.
  • Competitive game areas in all sports codes.

Having played sports from a young age and continue to actively coach today, we are aware of the increased levels of training and facilities required for the present and future generations of sports enthusiasts. We thank you for your time and hope that we can be of assistance to you in the future.