At Enersave Electrical Contractors Ltd. we have promoted the use of Variable Speed Drives with our clients over the years due to a number of factors.

  • Substantial Energy Savings:

    Rather than have an electric motor running continuously at full speed, an electronic drive allows the user to slow it down or speed it up depending on demand, costs savings of 50% are common place.

  • Optimal Process Control: An electric drive provides higher process speed, torque and accuracy. It provides an increase in process speed above normal.
  • Reduced need for maintenance: Being able to vary the speed and torque of an electric motor means there is less wear and tear on the motor and driven machine.For example, the ability to bring a process up to speed slowly prevents the sudden shock loading that can damage a motor and the driven machine.
  • Efficient System Upgrade: An electric drive allows for the removal of valves, gears and belts. It also ensures network dimensioning based on a lower starting current.